Here is all you need to know to create your real estate website

In this age of the Internet, is it possible to do without a website when you are a real estate professional?

The answer (you can imagine) is a big, solid “no”. And for good reason: you must keep in mind that 90% of real estate projects have been created on the web. And that 89% of sellers use the Internet when they are looking for a real estate professional. 9 out of 10 sellers!

There is no way we’re missing this source of leads. It would be like deliberately ignoring a fish-filled area or a good mushroom spot, being on the Internet is nowadays essential. And, for this purpose, you need a website dedicated to your real estate agency, or to your branches, or to your network of agents. Create a real estate website… Or completely redesign yours, if you already have one, to adapt it to the new challenges of the web.

Yes, it’s high time you started. Especially since your competitors are already on the Internet – and are already capturing some of the traffic that should be rightfully yours!

But how do we do that? What are the prerequisites to know when you want to set up a site from scratch, or remodel its aging support?

Here is what you absolutely need to have in mind to know how to create a real estate website that is both the showcase of your agency/network and the engine of your future performance.

create your real estate website

Create a real estate website, what exactly for?

Starting to create a real estate website: this is a time-consuming project. And expensive. So, you are certainly wondering why you should take your (precious) time and (no less precious) budget to design a website dedicated to your agency/network. Not to mention that then, this site, we will have to use it, take advantage of it, in short: make it profitable.

A lot of noise for nothing, you think. A lot of effort for little result, you think.

Don’t get me wrong!

The website has become an indispensable tool in all areas, for all companies. And this is all the more true in real estate. Ask your partners, your competitors: either they already have their own website that they are fully exploiting, or they are currently wondering how to create a real estate website and to whom to entrust this task.

A market in the midst of digital transformation

Like St. Thomas, you only believe what you see?

So, here are some figures:

  • 90% of real estate projects started on the web (sellers, buyers, lessors and tenants combined);
  • 89% of sellers turned to the Internet to find a real estate professional;
  • 51% of Millennials (16-35 years old) have found their main residence thanks to the web.

Conclusion: the real estate market is digitalizing and is leading to a change in the habits of buyers and sellers, who are massively using the web for their research; at the same time, the increase in digital uses is pushing the market to digitalize more and more.

Without a real estate site, you are condemned to watch this digitisation from a distance. You gradually become a spectator of your own profession.

The prospecting of buyers and sellers is now taking place on a new playing field: the Internet. Consequently, you must adapt your own real estate prospecting by entering this territory – not as hostile as it seems at first sight, as long as you master some basic rules.

Your real estate agency website VS la concurrence

Digital real estate agencies, like independent web designers, often hear the same objection:

“Creating a real estate website, frankly, what use is that? My agency is independent, small in size. Our budget is very limited. How could we face the web giants?”

Objection sustained, your honor. It is therefore necessary to answer them before seeing together how to create a real estate website.

Let’s rephrase the issue: given the high competition on the web, what is the point of going to a field where a multitude of participants are already wrestling?

Certainly, if you type “real estate agency” on Google, you get about 2.5 million results. 2.5 million pages is a lot. In the middle of this ocean, your own real estate agency site will be the size of a drop of water.

Except that in reality, this problem is not a problem. It does not concern you. Unless you are the head of a large national franchise network – in which case you probably wouldn’t need to think about creating a site….

Why is this problem not yours?

Because your customers are essentially local. When you’re wondering how to create a real estate website, you need to think about its local (not national) impact. Competition is limited to agencies located in the same city, in the same area. Even if you manage several agencies in several cities, each one faces localized competition; and if you manage a network of agents, each of them is in the same case.

In short, your real estate agency website must target a local audience. It is a question of answering the request “real estate agency + city” (or “arrondissement” if you are in Paris, Marseille, Lyon…); and there, you will see that the results are much less numerous, more within your reach!

So, what’s the point?

Once you have the local scale in mind, it becomes easy to see how creating a real estate website can help you in your business. This will allow you to:

  • Develop your local reputation;
  • Reach a wider audience;
  • Generate more sales and buyers leads (lead acquisition);
  • Get more warrants in.

This is for the “local” part. But your site can do much more than that: it can lead you to reach customers outside your usual prospecting area. When a buyer wants to buy a property in a given city, he or she looks for a professional who works there. Provided your site is well referenced, it could come across and contact you! Once you have your site ready, we advise you to turn to Adwords ads. You will be able to significantly increase your customers and your visibility. Instaon is a company specialized in Adwords campaigns and can help you configure your campaigns.